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The Leather Foundation Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Resource is a part of the foundations health care initiative program . The foundation is committed to linking any individual requesting help with the appropriate service in the United States

Education Fund

The San Diego area has a rich history that needs to be served. The Education Fund, provides local skills classes and  assists attendance at select leadership and education conferences for community leaders from the San Diego area.

Know Your Status

Get Tested!

Free HIV Testing Locations

Free Condom Distribution Locations: 40

Free Condoms Distributed in 2014: 203,612~ Total Condoms Distributed by The Leather Foundation to date: 550,607


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Supporting Family Around the Globe

The Leather Foundation will no longer purchase goods from the Russian Federation in support of our LGBTQI brothers, sisters and allies in Russia and the Ukraine. Not only due to the new anti-gay legistlation passed by Putin but due to the invasion of the Sovereign Nation of the Ukraine.

TLF President elected to SD County HIV Board

On March 11, 2014, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted to approve the appointment of our president, Russ Mortenson Boyd, as a new member of its HIV Prevention Community Planning Group (HPG). Russ is one of twelve new members approved by the Board. He will serve a term of at least three years.

The HPG is an advisory board to the County of San Diego. It consists of HIV prevention service providers, service providers along the continuum of care for people living with HIV/AIDS, and community members. The HPG also collaborates with several community groups designated in an advisory capacity to better inform HIV planning.  Russ and TLF are service providers.

“My appointment is recognition of the work the Leather Foundation has been doing in support of efforts to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and HEP C,” Russ said. “I welcome this new opportunity to further serve the public and to represent the LGBT and the Leather Communities on this county-wide board.”

Bartenders Bash - May 2014

The Leather Foundation is a proud beneficiary of the May 2014 San Diego Bartenders Bash.  Other beneficiaries include Special Delivery.


bartenders-bash-2014-bar-card-small-Vendors with samples and giveaways TBA!

-Proceeds from the cover charge will be donated to the following charities:

1) The Leather Foundation
2) Special Delivery
3) MORE charities TBA

-Pool Table
-DJ's TBA!

>>>>>>>>Order 2 Tickets On Our Eventbrite Page<<<<<<<<

San Diego Bartenders Bash will be a regularly scheduled (quarterly?) networking celebration for all those that tend/work in a bar and for those bar flies that keep us happy :)


CHARITY: We request a $5 donation at the door.

DRINKS: Svedka Vodka and a beer company are going to sponsor the evening with open bar for an hour then drinks at 1.00 then 2.00 then 3.00 as the night progresses. Door open at 6 pm.

FOOD: TACOS will be provided.

***Remember this is a networking event!  Bring your business card & fliers***




YTD Tigers Pictionary at #1 Fifth Ave raised $496

Tiger's Pictionary at #1 Fifth Ave in San Diego is a neighborhood weekly Weds night tradition.  Each week a different charity benefits from the evenings raffles of prizes supplied to the evening.  The Leather Foundation has had 3 nights in 2014 with 3 more to go in July (16th), August (20th), and September (17th).